Exagens | Who We Are


Proud of Our Difference

Exagens is not your typical startup. Our senior leadership is experienced at creating successful products, building lasting businesses and mentoring team members. Our rapidly growing team of gifted (so our parents told us) and passionate, technical wizards, scientists and industry professionals have already proven they can deliver the goods - with millions of banking clients worldwide already having benefited from having their own A.I.- driven personal financial assistant.

Open and Diverse

Exagens is more than an equal opportunity employer. We strongly believe that a diverse team, made up of people with different backgrounds and from different cultures, where a wide range of thoughts and opinions are encouraged and valued, create better products and a better company. We enjoy hiring and rewarding smart, passionate people, ambitious to grow and eager to try new and interesting skills.

Although we love our bank customers, Exagens does not look or feel like one. We’re not 9-5, and we don’t have a dress code. Wear what makes you comfortable. Shorts and a t-shirt in the winter? We don’t judge. Work sitting in a window ledge, with your headphones on, or even in one of our bean bags if you’d like (where you can also take a power nap if that’s your thing).

Make a Difference

We’re only at the beginning of our journey and to truly change the industry, we need your help. Are you a talented, high energy person who:
— Is looking at making a difference from day one
— gets excited by seeing your efforts quickly impact millions
— is interested in being recognized and valued for your contributions
— enjoys a (fast-paced), open & collaborative culture with great benefits and an active social vibe

If yes, we’d like to hear from you.

Keep in mind we also encourage spontaneous applications because we always have an opening for people with killer skills who are interested in changing the world.

Contact Us

Call us at 1-438-387-4107
Or email us at info@exagens.com
147 Rue Saint-Paul Ouest #110,
Montréal, QC – H2Y 1Z5