Change from texts and popups that interrupt to conversations that engage!


You’ve heard of Max – an advisor at your bank call center who really stands out. Though not the most experienced or product savvy, and with access to the same information systems as everyone else, Max consistently outperforms in closing rates and customer satisfaction scores. Why? Max understands that product knowledge, CRM data and next best offer/product recommendations are not enough.

What makes Max so successful is the ability to…

Build rapport by assisting customers when they need it
Make a person feel like they are their most important customer
Understand how to best curate every conversation
Make each conversation individualized as well as personalized
Use all of the various information available to them
Ask the best questions to ensure the customer feels understood

Max understands how and when to converse with people on a particular subject,
to focus their attention, to maintain their interest, and to build trust.

Unfortunately, even your best advisor can only serve one customer at a time, and only a limited number each day… until now.